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February 11th, 2003 I have added some new images, updated links and seriously ,this time, im going to redo my homepage! My buddy Ali, the web-genious has volunteered to help me, AGAIN! January 11th, 2003 My condolances goes to Einar Fredriksens family and friends. The news of his death was received with mixed emotions. He craved to die most of his adult life, yet he showed sides of himself as a cheerful and supportive man. As I read through old mails now, I get so sad. He was a very good friend and used to make me laugh, with his ironic quotes and views about life. Sadly we lost contact in the end, but I still miss him. - I hope you have found the rest and tranquility that you so eagerly sought for. February 12th 2002 I have added some photos of my family and Skjalgs family on the Images section. Thanks to the marvellous invention of the digital camera, photos on this page may be frequently updated! This homepage will change to the better, I hope. Skjalg and I have plans to make it a homepage of us, instead of just me. hmm.. whats so wrong about an ego-site about one self ?! hmmm? April 1st and May 30th Its hard keeping this site updated regularily when I do not have access to the net anymore. I tend to do something about it when I am "back home" where the good ol` access is, and always has been, there. Both dates have been updated with pictures. I do apologize for the huge jpg`s, but this computer does not have any photoprograms on it. Will be taken care of soon! 13.January 2001 Hurray, a new year has opened its chapter and yet another glorious year of war, devastation, hunger, poverty, you name it, is upon us. History just keeps getting better and better! Anyway... Uploaded some new and old pictures. A picture of me as a year old, some new ones of Skjalg, his workplace and my old workplace, along with Jorunn, my trusty lifelong matey! 5. December 2000 I put up some pictures (finally), only to be at display throughout the rest of 2000. After that I am not certain what to do with them. Also think Skjalg Reithaug is the most handsome, intelligent, marvellous and fantastic person I have ever met. All hail his 450 cd`s ... *cough* 18. November 2000 Its been awhile since I`ve bothered to do anything with this site. Today I added some band links. The Eternal Sleep site got removed this summer due to negative and unnecessary media attention. I am not sure if I am going to put it up again. If I get requests for it, I will. 26. August 2000 Im sick of the layout of this site. Hopefully something will be done with it. Added some links over the summer. I appreciate suggestions of what can be done better with this site. 01. May 2000 Finally some new poems, from Blake, Keats, Clare and Byron. More will be added, but after the exam period that I am in now. Otherwise I have added some photos for your amusement and there will also be more of those. 29. April 2000 I have added a pictures section, with old and new images. It is not completely done, but I will add pictures to it as they arrive. 14. April 2000 My good pal Slatan helped me with a picture, now on the "About" page. So now you can all see what I look like. 21.February 2000 I removed some photos and added a nice grave picture, edited with the help of the ever so helpful(and the very nice) Lasse Christensen (who is going to make me rich hehehe). 24. January 2000 Lasse Christensen and I made a deal, which will be on my page until 2004 ;) <-- the year that I am going to be rich! 11. January 2000 Added a poem on the "Grief" section. A poem by a untraditional Victorian poet and critic Matthew Arnold. 04. January 2000 Updated my "About" page. The old "I was born and I will die" was rather worn out... I added pics too. 12.December I translated my Kristiania Bohemen page into english, so that everyone can read it now ;) And I added some new links here and there. 4.December I uploaded the entire Paradise Lost book in txt.format. Hope that fell in taste. 28.November I took away the Desiderium link (my band), since the link was broken and sadly, because the band has split. Or will be split soon... 26. November I uploaded the Eternal Sleep page. Strange, but on Netscape I can`t seem to make the text appear... But on Explorer it works just fine.. ah well... 24.November More links and the Kristiania Bohemen. It is in Norwegian, and if there is wishes for it to be in English too, let me know. 22. November I`ve updated the links page. Added some misc. links and band links. Trail of Tears rule! 15. November I finally got my homepage up again. It had earlier been on a business server that changed servers. A huge THANKS to one of my best friends Alireza Balouch for helping me making this homepage and using his leisure time on it! "New" poems have been added to the poetry section and more poems are being added later this week! Note that the Desiderium homepage is not yet ready, but will be very soon. I will also have a Webring page up soon, so look forward to that!